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Type of Credit Cards


At Credit Card Advisor, we understand the importance of making informed credit decisions, so we’ve researched and compiled the most common and useful credit card types. By looking at these cards, and examining your options, you can save both time and money. There may be benefits or cards you’ve never even considered, but by taking a look at what’s out there, you could find a card that better suits your financial needs.

0 Percent APR
Many cards offer extended, introductory 0 percent APRs. These offers often last upwards of a year, and can save you an incredible amount in fees.
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A card with a consistent, low APR can save you a lot of money in fees. In today’s market, there’s no reason to be paying high rates, no matter your credit situation.
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Cards for Bad Credit
A card designed to rebuild damaged credit is a worthy option for any consumer with a bad credit history. There is no reason not to enjoy great credit once again.
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Gas Credit Cards

If you commute or if you are just looking for a practical rewards plan, gas cards are a great option. When shopping for gas cards, there are many different companies and plans to choose from.
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Rewards Cards

Rewards programs can be varied and generous! More and more, credit card companies are realizing people want different benefits from their cards, so we’ve listed a sampling of cars that feature the more common reward needs.
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Miles Cards

Let miles credit cards reward you with free flights, hotel deals and other travel perks! Whether you fly for business or for pleasure, these are cards that can allow you to fly for free.
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Rebate Cards

If you have fairly consistent shopping habits or you’re planning to make a large purchase, rewards cards are a great option. Whether you’re looking for rebates on gas or electronics, there are rebate options you should take advantage of!
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Points Cards

Point-based credit card rewards can work with your spending habits and bring you varied benefits including everything from practical needs, like gas and groceries, to fun luxuries, like travel experiences and concert tickets.
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Business Cards

It’s difficult to finance a new business or cover business travel, but a business credit card can help. Take advantage of the great offers that accompany a business credit card while building your new company’s credit and managing your cash flow.
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Student Cards
College is the perfect time to start building your credit history. By responsibly using student credit cards, you can leave school on the right financial track. There are many great offers available to students who are just learning to use credit.
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Introductory Offers
When getting a new credit card, it’s smart to take introductory offers into consideration. Just for signing up, credit cards offer you packages that can last for up to 15 months, saving you money.
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Fixed Rate Cards
It’s assuring to know that your card’s APR won’t dramatically shift from moth to month, so we’ve listed some of the best fixed rate cards.
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Low Interest Cards
Interest rates can often keep you from reducing your debt, yet by switching to a card with a low interest rate, you can start saving right away. These cards are also a smart choice if you’re looking to finance larger purchases.
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Balance Transfer Cards
Balance transfer cards are a great way to get your credit situation under control. By switching to a card with a low or 0 percent initial APR, you can consolidate your debt and reduce your monthly payments at the same time.
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No Annual Fee Credit Cards
Credit cards don’t have to come with excess fees! With no annual fee credit cards, you can avoid costly APRs, late fees and high charges for cash advances.
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Prepaid Credit Cards
If you’re repairing or building your credit history, a prepaid credit card can help you develop a solid credit foundation. With a prepaid credit card, you don’t need to fear going over your spending limit, or finding yourself in unmanageable debt.
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